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SFS Fiji also has the capacity to supple Dimensional lumber cut to order. We can supply you with pre-cut timbers, or you can bring your timbers to get cut using our facilities. Please contact us to arrange times and to learn more about our dimensional lumber cutting services.


Our seedlings could be best described as ancient roots brought to you by 21st century processes. The current nursery operation is capable of producing 80000 seedlings per week. Whilst great care is taken to ensure a high genetic quality of the seed stock SFS Fiji believes the future lies in tissue culture in developing a tissue culture facility which will produce consistently superior trees. Better resistance to cyclones and pests. Longer, straighter trees with superior strength and fiber quality.


SFS offer a wide range of services assisting the Forestry industry. We offer volume and topographical assessments,Logging license preparation and assistance and Return of Investment assessments for parcels of land. We can assist Logging contractors and landowners first and foremost. Please contact us with your individual needs.


SFS have the capability to form and shape your trees. Do you have a tree on your land that is interfering with a structure? Do you want to allow more sun, or wind through to a certain area? We offer the ability to control the growth and shape of your tree through our cutting edge, innovative pruning and forming techniques. We offer this service readily within the Suva area, but distance & international services can be arranged through our Contact Us page


If you would like to maximize the output of your pre-existing nursery, we can offer contracted consulting, where our qualified Nursery staff will work with you to improve processes, maximize yield, and minimize costs. Contact us for more information.