SFSFiji is actively seeking to help in the work being undertaken by these bodies and organisations from the Government, Non-Government, Donor and Private enterprise sectors.

Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

The Reforest Fiji Project is sponsored and funded by the European Union. SFSFiji is part of the team planting out 7.5M seedlings over the next three years to enhance land use and returns from the ‘Sugar Belt’ in western Viti Levu. Having had their technical services capabilities reviewed and approved by the South Pacific Community Secretariat (SPC), SFSFiji is now an accredited Professional Service Provider to the EU. In July 2015, SFSFiji was engaged as a Professional Service Provider to the Reforest Fiji Project with the task of producing 800,000 stems in Season 1. In addition to supplying seedlings, SFSFiji will vigorously participate in the planting part of the project, with the aim of planting 2,000 hectares of new forests each year.

Fiji Hardwood Corporation Limited

Fiji Hardwood Corporation Ltd is the statutory corporation charged with management of the Fiji Mahogany forests planted under the payment and direction in 1961 by the British Colonial Office for the benefit of the landowners. Planting was continued following Independence by the Fiji Forestry Department and the harvests were initiated on a commercial basis in 2002. SFSFiji has sown, germinated and planted in support of the replanting of the harvested Sweitenia Macrophylla (Genuine Mahogany). They are actively seeking to improve the outcomes from the FHCL replanting protocols and enhance future yields and outcomes from forest and land use. SFSFiji stakeholders have shown a long term commitment and relationship to the forests of Fiji and the Pacific. While they have vast experienced in harvesting, manufacturing, marketing and exporting of product - the re-planting of mahogany is a critical step in the business model to ensure it’s sustainability.

Food And Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Strategic direction for FAO assistance to Fiji balances regional-level initiatives with demand-driven country-specific plans for 14 Pacific Island Countries. Across the region, assistance is focused on: Improved policy plans and legislation; Enhancement of ecologically sustainable agricultural production, including forestry and fisheries; Improved food quality and safety; Improved production, processing and marketing of agricultural produce; Protection and sustainable use of biodiversity.

The Fiji National REDD + Program

Fiji has a forest cover of almost 1.1 million hectares, covering about fifty-six percent of the total land mass. Forest clearance, largely attributed to agriculture, can be observed on parts of Fiji. The country also has large areas of degraded and unutilised lands which has potential for reforestation and afforestation to increase carbon stock. Fiji recognises REDD-plus as an opportunity to contribute towards global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen the socio-economic status of its forest resource owners and protect its forest ecosystems.

Ministry of Fisheries & Forests

The Forestry Department sits within the Ministry of Fisheries and Forests and is the home of the national REDD+ Steering Committee's secretariat. The Conservator of Forests has the mandate to approve all REDD+ project proposals and activities after consulting with the Steering Committee. It is the main partner of the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and the Secretariat for the Pacific Community’s (SPC) regional REDD+ project.